How To Experience Jamaica Beyond The Beach: Even Though They Are Only About A Couple Of Minutes Or So Apart By Car

jamaica vacation guide My recent trip to Jamaica was filled with so many memories that it’s hard not to recount them all.Everything from the picturesque beaches to the inventive culinary scene is impressive, a great quantity of their time relaxing at the allinclusive resorts and while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, I wanted to highlight a few additionalways tosee a more cultural side of Jamaica. So this program makes it easy forall travelers to get involved at some level Whether simply looking to dip your toes into the field while on vacation,, or you’re a seasoned volunteer. That said, it also was another perfect example of how happiness has little to do with one’s physical possessions and a lot more to do with one’s outlook on life.

Back in the day I spend my summers lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons.

It took a visit to this local school to make me realize just how much I miss working with kids, albeit that was a decade ago.

jamaica vacation guide To be honest I couldn’t every ordered something different on the menu andeveryone raved about their food.

Right after our volunteering experience we slowed things down with a stop at Murphy’s for a taste of Jamaican jerk. He was nice enough to open early just for us and I’m so glad he did. He also lives on the property and grows ackee and mango trees in the backyard. Murphy’s dad originally started the restaurant, he’s been working there his whole life, as it turns out. That said, opting to not use grey pepper, Murphy makes his own curry, jerk and identical spices from the plants on his property. Murphy swung by to see how we liked everything, after gobbling down our food like nobody’s business. Make sure you write suggestions about it below. Clearly talented, his laid back vibe and easy going nature helps create an all around comfortable atmosphere.

What I appreciated most about our time at Murphy’s was how approachable he was and how passionate he is mostly about his craft.

I’m pretty sure I was intrigued also unsure as to how authentic this would feel, when I first learned that we were will be meeting there’re an awful lot of ways to dabble in the reggae arts. Notice that this, with the volunteering, are the most rewarding ways to delve deeper into Jamaican culture in my point of view. That’s right! Our group spent a few hours at atraditional Rastafarian village.

We followed our guide across a creek and through a grassy trail, just after learning about quite a few astafarian beliefs and ways of living.

There was one tree that apparently hints at when a rainstorm will hit.

It made me realize howpowerful nature is and how much we can learnfrom the sights and sounds around us. Along the way he pointed out the different trees and what purpose every served. Certainly, next on the agenda was aleisurely tour through the grounds, it was time to listen to our new friends play some music.After about three songs, the band membersinvited us to the stage to contribute to the next few songs.

I actually stopped by the craft market to do some shopping, before leaving.

Our group leaders suggested we visit Rose Hall instead, when we learned that our adventure tour was canceled due to mud all over the trails.

Rose Hall is located in Jamaica but could easily fit somewhere in the American South. Of course this was a completely spur of the moment decision and one that filled me with a mix of anticipation and trepidation as we my be walking into ghost territories…maybe. Since it really is a sad reflection on humanity, plantation owner Annee Palmer earned the nickname of the White Witch as long as she was horrific to her slaves, without getting consequently kill her three husbands before she herself was murdered by one of her slave lovers at the tender age of Our guide was dressed in typical clothing from the 1820s when Annie first occupied the residence and as creepy as our day tour was, they also offer ones at night. Despite the picturesque views, the story behind Rose Hall ain’t so beautiful. Subjects like slavery, murder and physical abuse are never easy but it’s vital to understand our past so we can create a better future for all races, genders and ethnicities. Passengers have the opportunity to snorkel, just after about half hour ofcruising. Generally, I’m squeezing in a cruise option as long as, well, technically, you aren’t on the beach, while this article focuses on how togo beyond the beaches. Generally, this was the first time I opted to wear my contacts while snorkeling and that was a perfect decision. Our three hour Reggae Catamaran cruise combined soft adventure with drunken dancing. Do you know an answer to a following question. At this point, most passengers were clearly tipsy and the lifeguard in me was like wait, are they ok?!

Wheneveryone is back on the boat, the DJ picks up his set and people dancelike there’s no tomorrow.

Bar opens and there’s lunch served inside, if everyone is back on the boat right after snorkeling.

There’s another stop in Margaritaville involving a slide and a trampoline floating on water. Worth mentioning is that this excursion is definitely geared toward the ‘2135’ crowd. I’m sure you heard about this. The Meet the People program is a great way to gain a local perspective by actually meeting and spending time with locals. Looking for more opportunities to experience the real Jamaica? Sounds familiar? This trip was hosted byVisit Jamaica via Finn Partners. Couples Swept Away in Negril and Sandals in Montego Bay during my stay. Megan is the Founder of award winning lifestyle blog, Bohemian Trails, your goto guide to a savvy and stylish world.